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Brake Pads

Brake pads, also known as linings are the friction material designed to grab and hold the brake disk to achieve a braking action, as the brake pads continually operate they naturally wear and get thinner the more they're applied. The lining of a new brake pad can be between 8-12mm thick, under normal braking conditions (not performance or automatics cars) brake pads typically wear between 3-5mm a year.

When brake pads are inspected so are the brake disks and pivot points, we advise a brake pad with a lining of 3mm or less to be replaced, this is due to a loss in efficiency and excessive wear resulting is possible damage to the brake disks.

Our one price suits all ensures one single price (all inclusive) price no matter what make and model you drive. Our trained Technicians will replace your brake pads with quality O.E. Parts and complete the brake disk inspection. This price also includes collection, delivery and a courtesy clean.