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Diagnostic Checks

Commonly known as "plug the machine in" a diagnostic check is required once the driver has been alerted by the warning symbol (see above right picture) that the engine malfunction light indicates there is a diagnostic problem.

Diagnostic Check Explained

The symbol (above right) is a warning symbol designed to inform the driver their car’s Engine Management System has a malfunction. The purpose of carrying out a diagnostic check ("plug the car in") is to electronically establish communication with the Engine Management System to identify what part if the system has the malfunction has occurred. Once this is established further testing will be required to pin point the area if failure.( It is a myth that the diagnostic machine identifies the fault directly).

There are more than five hundred engine management systems and even more variations of those systems, the tools and software required to test and repair these systems are very expensive, to enable professional testing for a wide range of systems an investment of between 5,000-80,000 pounds is needed, this cost has to be covered by the diagnostic testing charge.

At we are sympathetic to the costs and charges faced by drivers experiencing engine management repairs, have designed a package and introduced it at a fixed fee cost.

The cost of a Diagnostic Check (see our fixed price menu) includes the following:

  • 1. One electronic interrogation of the relevant system using the latest diagnostic tool.
  • 2. A system understanding and area of failure report (printed out).
  • 3. One hours system testing by a trained technician.
  • 4. A fault evaluation and repair action, this includes costs of repair and testing.

If you would like any further information on this topic, please contact us where we will be happy to help.