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Servicing a car or light van explained

Much like every mechanical/electrical object in motion a car and its engine is designed to use motional force to achieve energy output. You pop the fuel in one end, the engine does its thing and out of the other end pops the motional force required to get us from A to B.

Generating this level of energy to keep our cars in motion, get them to stop and deal with adverse weather conditions is demanding on the relevant systems and their moving parts, the purpose of servicing a vehicle is to monitor these moving /acting parts to ensure they are working within their optimum range and performing to the best of their ability.

The act of servicing varies and differs from vehicle to vehicle, the mileage, age and condition dictates what systems need investigating and what systems need replacing, driving styles and road conditions also play a part in this dictation.

To quote for a service as a fixed fee for all vehicles without establishing the vehicle condition and relating factors means that a standard level of service and inspection is applied to all vehicles regardless of their condition and age, this is not the correct application or format to professionally service vehicles.

At we apply the correct format - we provide a price range for servicing on all makes and models, this means your vehicle will be inspected by our trained technicians, the correct service needs are established and no matter what make or model you drive we guarantee to invoice you within the specified range (see our fixed price menu for price range). This way we remove the responsibility from the driver to establish the service needed and ensure the system’s your car relies on are working to the best of their ability.

Fitting the right parts:

A part of servicing is replacing certain parts to combat premature failure. All parts have an expected shelf life and it's the job of the technician to identify those parts that are close to the end of their performing life. only replaces parts with approved OE (Original Equipment) certification and a full 10.000 mile/1 year warranty.

If you have any further questions on this topic please contact us to speak direct with a technician.