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Your tyres and their condition are paramount for your safety, Four little areas of rubber each about the size of your hand are the only part of the car in touch with the road surface, having the right size tyres, in good condition and correctly inflated is very important for your safety.

Regular checks and maintenance help to ensure your tyres last longer, and keep you on the right side of the law. The channels (groves) in a tyre exists only for the dispersement of rain water, without these channels the tyre would run above the water causing aquaplaning (loosing control of the vehicle). The minimum legal depth required over the centre three quarter surface of the tyre is 1.6mm. From a servicing point of view, when a tyre is inspected we look for a minimum depth of 2mm over the surface of the tyre.

When replacing a tyre there are lots of choices available, so how do we know which ones to choose?

Tyres typically come is three classifications of sale:

  • Budget - A budget tyre is an entry level tyre, the rubber used is more playable and softer than its alternatives.
  • Mid Range - A better quality rubber and firmer moulding, some mid range tyres are manufactured by the Branded tyre suppliers.
  • Branded - Best quality rubber, firm support and mouldings, branded tyres are designed to perform best under all types of conditions.

The main difference between all three classes of tyre is how many miles you get from the tyre and how the tyre performs under extreme operating conditions such as emergency stops. A rule of thumb is to buy the best tyres you can with the money you can afford.